Alberto Chimal

(Toluca, 1970) is one of Mexico’s most prolific authors. His work encompasses a variety of genres and forms, including the novel, short story, essay, experimental fiction, and children’s literature. He is also a sought-after clinician, lecturer, and teacher of creative writing. The recipient of numerous awards, his second novel, La torre y el jardín, was shortlisted in 2013 for the Rómulo Gallegos prize, one of the most prestigious in the Spanish language. His work has been translated into numerous languages. “One of the most versatile and unpredictable storytellers in Latin American literature today.” Marco Kunz, Quimera “His stories are very corporal, even voluptuous: pure flesh.” Jorge Carrión, Otra Parte. “Had Alberto Chimal written the History of the human race, this world would be a much more interesting place.” Eme Equis magazine