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Cecilia es una niña temerosa de lo desconocido. A su casa llega un insecto muy feo que despierta sus temores. ¿Qué pasará si se encuentran? ¿Será posible que Cecilia pueda vencer su miedo a un extraño? ¿Es posible la amistad entre una niña y un insecto?

Cecilia is a girl fearful of the unknown. A very ugly bug comes to her home that raises her fears. What will happen if they meet? Will it be possible that Cecilia could overcome her fear to a stranger? Is it possible a friendship between a girl and a bug?

This collection of books is intended for children between the ages of 4 and 6 years old. The story is based on a bug named NUNUK who appeared one day in the house of a little girl, named CECILIA, and their relationship thereafter.

NUNUK is the synthesis of the best positive values that children can learn at an early age, like accepting others, sharing, making and keeping friends, understanding one another, loving friends and family members, as well as functioning properly in the society where they are growing up.

Nunuk: el insecto amistoso/the friendly bug

  • Autor

    Maricel Mayor Marsán

  • ISBN-13: 978-1736565063

    30 páginas

    katakana editores (2022)

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