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A newspaper is spotted several times along the history of Literature, but no one has ever seen it.If that newspaper ever existed, then somewhere, at least in an obscure and never visited archive, should be a copy of Rockefeller’s New York Times. This thought was the force behind the search Luis Alejandro Ordóñez began and the result was The Last New York Times, a novel in three acts about the same obsession: to be able to read a newspaper written for another person, a famous and wealthy one with very specific needs, and because of that, the desire to read a kind of forbidden book. Instead what Ordóñez found was more than a forgotten newspaper, and the novel goes deep on those findings to tell the story of a myth.

The Last New York Times

  • Author

    Luis Alejandro Ordóñez

  • Translator

    José Ängel Naveja


  • ISBN-13 : 978-1734185058

    102 pages

    katakana editores (2020)

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