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Six short stories by Mexican authors: Alberto Chimal, Erika Mergruen, Yuri Herrera, Isaí Moreno, Úrsula Fuentesberain and Lorea Canales. “Originality and the joy of writing abound in these stories, fea-tures that define each of these writers. Also present is violence, the thread that runs through each of these stories and serves as the watchword around which my friend Omar Villasana —the editor of this edition— has brought together each of these authors... This anthology will also be published as an e-book, a term to which I am still not accustomed but one that fills me with joy, knowing that it will circulate from web to web and that thousands of Internet users will be able to enjoy beyond the confines of physical borders, something so necessary in modern times when there are those who strive to build walls and close doors.”


Elena Poniatowska Amor

Unrepentant Times

  • Authors

    Alberto Chimal, Úrsula Fuentesberain, Yuri Herrera, Erika Mergruen, Isaí Moreno and Lorea Canales

  • Translators

    George Henson, Arthur Malcolm Dixon, José Armando García and Silvia Guzmán

  • ISBN-13 : 978-1732114418

    70 pages

    katakana editores (2018)

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